Guest Post – Halloween Spider Sensory Bin

This week, we welcome Emma from Adventures of Adam. During a difficult pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Emma vowed to make every day an adventure once she had recovered. Adventures of Adam is the outcome of completing a 100 day play challenge with her toddler as part of that promise. She has a section dedicated to HG friendly play activities so that Mums can still be part of their children’s play whilst they are ill.

adam and i circle

Hello! We are thrilled to be Blog of the Week! Our motto at Adventures of Adam is “play activities that don’t cost the earth but will mean the world to your little one.” Many of our activities are quick to set up and do not cost a lot – you can usually find me in PoundLand!

As Halloween is rapidly approaching we wanted to share our Halloween Spider Sensory Bin.

spider sensory bin

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Blog of the Week – Fire Fighter Sensory Play

My name is Lindsey Morton and I’m an international teacher in Vietnam. This is my second year teaching preschool in Saigon and I’ve really enjoyed my time as an early childhood educator.

I try to incorporate sensory activities in my preschool classroom that go along with the weekly themes. This past week the students were learning about community helpers including firefighters, police officers, doctors and nurses and dentists.

While learning about firefighters, the students explored some fire coloured paints which they then sprayed down with blue watercolour . They had a lot of fun investigating fingerprints when learning about police and discovered colour mixing using syringes and watercolour paints when learning about doctors and nurses. They also got an opportunity to play around with some giant teeth (made from the bottom halves of water bottles) and brushed some yellow and brown paint stains off using a tooth brush and tooth paste to learn more about dentists.

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Rainbow Celebration Cake (with a Surprise!)

When it was ‘Darth’s’ 2nd birthday, I really wanted to make him a cake to go with his ‘Rainbow Arty Party’ theme. As regular readers will know, however, I’m not a fan of unnatural food colorings etc. I’m a natural kinda gal! So I decided to make this cake with 100% natural food colorings, but that also looks delicious (somehow I just don’t want to eat bright green cake!!!) I usually don’t allow sweets for two year old ‘Darth’ but made an exception for his birthday cake… much to the children’s delight! These sweets also contain only naturally occurring colorings and flavorings. It also contains an exciting surprise!!!

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Blog of the Week: Sensory Play with Rice

This week, we welcome Nichole from You Clever Monkey! She is an Australian Early Childhood teacher and mum of three. Nichole loves learning through play and writes about how they learn at home and in the classroom at you clever monkey.

Sensory Play with Rice

Thanks Louise from Building Blocks and Acorns for inviting me over.

On my own blog a couple of weeks ago I shared some of our favorite non-food items for sensory play which led me to thinking about what our favorite items are for rich sensory play. What is the most versatile material we use? What encourages play in diverse but sustained ways? What works for group play, mixed age groups and individual play? Continue reading

Early Cutting Skills Table

Now that ‘Darth’ has developed more fine-motor control, co-ordination and strength in his hands, he is ready to start learning to use scissors. My last post about pre-cutting skills shows you how to help your child prepare for using scissors and knives safely. This activity follows on from that, so please do take a look at it if you haven’t done so.

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Blog of the Week – Candycorn Playdough Sensory Play

This is the first of our exciting ‘Blog of the Week’ exchanges. This week, I’ve invited Amber over to share with us a fabulous Playdough sensory activity. Take a look at all of our sensory activities here on Building Blocks and Acorns. There are more details about Because Babies Grow Up at the end of the post, too!





Blog of the Week: Because Babies Grow Up

I’m Amber and I blog at Because Babies Grow Up. I love little children. They are so fun to play with and to observe as they explore and discover the world around them. I make time to find crafts, activities, music and books that open a world of possible for them.

This week we had some new friends over to play. They are all under three so I wanted a fun activity the kids could focus on as they got used to each other before they tried to share toys. And since it is fall and I’m obsessed with candy corn this year, we made candy corn playdough and picked out some fun accessories to go with it.

Candy Corn Playdough

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Pre-Cutting Skills

Knives. Scissors… the very thought of our little ones using these, often fills parents with fear! Yet using knives and scissors safely, is an essential life skill. So when do we teach them? It all depends upon your own child and when they’re ready, but around the age of two is a good guide. However, teaching your child to use scissors doesn’t just stop when they can cut something. Find out what you can do to help your child use them safely and effectively…

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Rainbow Rummage Tub

“What is a rainbow rummage tub?” I hear you ask! Simple, really… it’s a tub full of different coloured age-appropriate items all thrown together, to encourage some rummaging! Fine-motor skills, colour identification, colour sorting, language skills, number skills and even social skills can all be developed through using a rainbow rummage tub!

This one was used next to the Rainbow Sticky Window Art, so that items from the rummage tub could be sorted onto the sticky rainbow. Older ones selected the items using child’s jumbo tweezers.

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