Up-Cycled Plant Pot for Kids

It’s so easy to make a plant pot out of junk. I’m so excited to be making this as part of the 60 day junk play challenge, which is hosted by Best Toys 4 Toddlers. We are often outside, in the garden or down at our allotment (vegetable patch.) The great thing about this up-cycled plant pot for kids, is that it can be a plant pot… or a  multitude of other things: a storage container for arty-crafty materials, jigsaw puzzles, toy cars… whatever you like!

plant pot main

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Spring Bucket List for Kids

Each season, I write a list of activities to do with my toddler. Now that Spring is on its way here, I’ve put together a bucket list of activities to do in Spring with your kids this season. If you’re new to Building Blocks and Acorns, many of the things we do are outdoor and nature or sensory based, but we have fun doing lots of other activities, too!

colorful easter eggs and branch with flowers

This is part of a group of other parent bloggers called the ‘Kid Blogger Network.’ We have got together to bring you a great prize fund of 3 chances to win $500 straight into your paypal account! You can download a free printable version of the bucket list below and find out more about each activity.

Spring Bucket List for Kids

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Nature Walk – Journey Stick

We love to get outside, whatever the weather; my little toddler is in his element when we head out into nature for walks together. His love of getting outdoors is what inspired me to start the ‘outdoor play challenge,’ inviting 30 other bloggers from around the world to share nature activities, as well as fun outdoor games with you!

journey stick main

‘Darth’s’ favourite activity at the moment is collecting items and placing them on a ‘journey stick.’ This is something that Australian aboriginals used to do; they would collect items from nature along their journeys and tie them onto a stick, starting from the top to represent the start of their journey, and gradually working their way down to the bottom, representing the end of their journey.

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Outdoor Play Challenge

Most kids love getting outdoors and playing – whether it’s exploring nature, or playing games outside. I was inspired by my own toddler, who is most happy when he is outside exploring, learning and developing his skills. So I invited 30 other bloggers from around the world, to join in the ‘outdoor play challenge’ and get our kids playing in different ways, outside. outdoor play challenge image Continue reading

Easy ways to Keep Toddlers Busy in the Garden

Thinking of how to keep toddlers busy in the garden can be tricky, especially when you need to get some jobs done; it seems like the kids just won’t let you get on with gardening! Having a child-friendly garden is of course crucial to keep your kids safe, but there are other simple things you can do, too.

We are fortunate enough to have a little space at the back of our house to call our own; our garden. It’s not huge, but its ours and we love it. ‘Darth’ loves getting outside. But using the same space every day, it was difficult to try and think of ways to keep him entertained…

keeping toddlers busy main

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DIY Hobby Horse

Hobby Horse Main

I love using recycled materials to make ‘Darth’ a DIY toy. This DIY Hobby horse is no exception and was made with completely free materials! Your little one will have hours of fun with this hobby horse and it can be customised to suit your child.

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